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Ideas for Web Projects

  • Club web site. - Tell the world about the fun stuff you do in your club.

  • Personal web page - Tell your own story: your interests, pets, favorite music, whatever. But for safety don't include your last name, address, phone number, email, or enough information for unsavory types to find you.

  • Web story - Look at the Coupland web story, and then make up your own story with pictures and text - tell the story of your vacation, or make one up yourself.

  • Ejournalism - Find out what's going on in your school or community and make a newspaper on the Web!

  • Community History - Think anything interesting happened before you born? You might be surprised! Interview people from your community and put their stories on the Web.

  • Multigenerational web site - Interview yourself, your parents, your grandparents. Make a web site that tells your family history with stories and pictures.



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