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Here's the basics: You can get free Web hosting if you're willing to have ads on your site. You don't want ads, you gotta pay. Most free services will allow you to upgrade to a better, paying service.

  • Angelfire - A free web site service that works well and is easy to use. Upload images and create simple pages by filling out forms. Or edit the HTML directly for full control. A good Beginner's Guide will get you started fast. AngelFire works great from my home computer but I have had problems from some school networks when more than one person is logged on at a time.

  • GeoCities - Free web hosting with ads on your pages or no ads for a small monthly fee. You need to sign up for a free Yahoo ID to use this service, which also gets you Yahoo email if you want it. The Geocities Page Wizard is a really easy way to get a single page web site up fast. Their Page Builder is supposed to give you more control without HTML but didn't start when I tried it. The File Manager, located under Advanced Toolbox, provides all the basic tools you need to upload images and files, edit HTML, and manage your site.

  • Brinkster Offers free web hosting through their educational package, but I couldn't get the tools to work properly. Maybe you will be more successful.

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