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Complete the requirements below to earn the Web Multimedia Challenge Award, the custom medal shown at right. More About Challenge Awards

  1. Discuss the following terms: Internet, world wide Web, HTML, Web browser, multimedia, digital image, digital sound, virtual reality, panorama, digital video, and browser plug-in or player. Name some popular multimedia formats and players on the world wide Web.

  2. Take a picture with a digital camera, save it in a computer file, and display it on the computer screen. Discuss JPG, GIF, and BMP image formats are and when to use them.

  3. Record sound, save it as a digital sound file, and play it on a computer. Discuss WAV, MP3, and MOV sound file formats and when to use them.

  4. Create a Web page in HTML. Include text, a picture, and a link to another Web page.

  5. Create a Web site of several pages as part of a team of two or more students, Include at least three of the following media on your Web site: text, pictures, sound, virtual reality, and video. Post your site on the Web.

  6. Show your Web site in a festival, exhibition, or contest.

  7. Meet with a computer technology or media professional*. Tell what they do at work and the education or previous experience needed for this job. Discuss how this job matches your interests and talents.

    *Such as a software or hardware engineer, network administrator, web designer, animator, videographer, CAD/CAM designer, database administrator, etc.


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