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Complete the requirements below to earn the Robot Programming Challenge Award, the custom medal shown at right. More About Challenge Awards

  1. Explain the difference between autonomous and remote controlled robots and give examples of each.

  2. Help build a robot car as part of a team.

  3. Write a robot program that uses a touch sensor to detect obstacles and show it working. Explain how the program works.

  4. Write a program that uses a light sensor to guide a robot car and show it working. Explain how the program works.

  5. Participate in an autonomous robot contest approved by your coach as part of a team of at least two students.

  6. Meet with a computer technology or media professional*. Tell what they do at work and the education or previous experience needed for this job. Discuss how this job matches your interests and talents.

    *Such as a software or hardware engineer, network administrator, web designer, animator, videographer, CAD/CAM designer, database administrator, etc.

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