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On-line Resources

FlashKit - Includes lots of movies, tutorials

FlashOpenSource - Movies, sound loops, layouts and tutorials

Echo Echo's Flash tutorial - includes examples of cool things you can do with Flash.

Webmonkey's Multimedia Page - various tutorials (most for Flash 5) and articles about Flash.

Flash Source Files, Sound, & Clip Art Guide picks Download Flash source files in FLA format. Deconstruct and study them to learn new techniques, or modify them for your own use. Also includes links to sound loops, interfaces, clip art and other content for Flash. - Free sound effects, by category.

The Nonstick Looney Page - Pictures and sounds from Looney Tunes

Macromedia's Showcase - Macromedia, the makers of Flash, keep lists of especially good sites that use Flash.

Getting into Animation school

About animation


The books may be found on

Macromedia Flash MX for Dummies

Macromedia Flash MX ActionScript for Fun & Games - Gary Rosenzweig

Flash 5 for Dummies - Quick Reference - Emily Sherrill Weadock

Flash 5 Cartooning - Mark Clarkson

Flash 5 Cartoons & Games f/x & Designs - Bill Turner, James Robertson, Richard Bazley


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