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Complete the requirements below to earn the Web Animation Challenge Award, the custom medal shown at right. More About Challenge Awards

  1. Discuss the following terms: Web browser, Flash player, browser plug-in, Flash authoring tool, limited motion animation, full motion animation.

  2. Show the following features of Macromedia Flash: timeline, frame, keyframe, layers, symbol, library, motion tweening, guided motion, guide layer.

  3. Develop a story which can be used as the basis for a short animated movie. The story may be true or fictional, and should have characters and a plot.

  4. Create a movie using Macromedia Flash that includes digital images, multiple layers, motion tweening, and sound.

  5. Participate in an animation festival or contest.

  6. Meet with a computer technology or media professional*. Tell what they do at work and the education or previous experience needed for this job. Discuss how this job matches your interests and talents.

    *Such as a software or hardware engineer, network administrator, web designer, animator, videographer, CAD/CAM designer, database administrator, etc.


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