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Promote creativity, self expression, analytical skills, and computer literacy in young people through after-school computer clubs.


  • Encourage the growth and success of after-school computer clubs nationwide by providing useful information through this web site.

  • Serve as a communications center allowing clubs to list their contact information and find nearby clubs.

  • Help clubs organize competitions and events with nearby clubs through guidelines and online event listings.

Who We Serve

The program works for middle and high school students, grades 5 - 12. It is designed so students of all skill levels and abilities can participate, learn, and succeed. The program is not designed to select the "best of the best" through intensely competitive contests. The competitions we have created and tested are inexpensive and easy to set up, well within the limited budgets and time constraints of an after-school program. They are not expensive media events. In this way we seek to make the program is accessible to students of all backgrounds and economic levels.


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